The Business

A Jones of all Trades is a business filled with handmade, crafty items. The online shop is filled with one of a kind jewelry, decor, and so much more! (

OUR LOGO has been a huge influence on the beautiful madness. But the crafting started back years ago when I would spend time with my aunt. We would make weekly (sometimes multiple in one week) trips to AC Moore and Michaels. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Hobby Lobby up in New England! The craft that takes most of my time now-a-days is beading! I love to upcycle items too. Shabby Chic is my main style, hands down but I enjoy dabbling in others as well. Recreating furniture is quite fun too!!

Example of the jewelry
Example of the jewelry

Be sure to check out our facebook page ( and follow us on instagram (@ajonesofalltrades)!

So that is how the name “A Jones of all Trades” started. I don’t like to stick to JUST one thing. I play around with a bit of everything! I think that makes me unique.


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