What I’ve been working on!

So, I’ve been kinda busy! Have you taken a trip over to our online shops?? I’m really wanting to start wholesaling jewelry & home decor. I just don’t know how to really start… I’ve been reading blogs & websites about how to make crafting your full time career. The big common thing with most sites is “You just have to jump in 110%”. There was this one couple who moved to Brooklyn, NY. They started to make plush toys & it took off! So couples can do it! Stephen & I can do it! It’s the daily struggle going back and forth… Stephen & I could live in hotels full time instead of an apartment… But we would still need an income. But then we wouldn’t have electric bills, water bills, cable bills, internet bills, PLUS WE WOULD GET FREE BREAKFAST!! Where there is a will, there is a way.

Here is some of the pieces I’ve complete recently!

Multi Strand Bracelet
Multi Strand Bracelet
Necklace finished with a toggle clasp.
Necklace finished with a toggle clasp.

Be sure to go check out our online shops & Facebook page!



The future

So my last post I wrote about the rut… Do you ever get to thinking about where you actually want to be versus where you are now? I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that there is a now. But I don’t want to stay here forever. It’s not like I want a life on some exotic beach somewhere either. I want to be able to do what I love full time. Making jewelry, home decor, taking pictures, etc…

Stephen & I want to be on the road full time selling our handmade goods, traveling the country. Out from under the corporate scene. Like if we could buy an RV and travel in that full time it’d be pretty bomb! This is something we really want to do before we have kiddos.

Working in retail doesn’t give us the ability to do craft shows/fairs. That’s where we are in a rock and hard place. Do we make the decision to quit our job and go full time into crafting? Or find another job that will kind of work with our schedule. Or have a m-f job that doesn’t require weekends. But with that we will take a pay cut. But isn’t a pay cut better then diving fully into crafting. But what if by not diving into crafting full time will put a kink in it actually taking off?? DO YOU SEE WHAT GOES ON IN MY HEAD?!?

I’m willing to make the dive. Stephen not so much…. lol. He needs to see things coming together first. So, I have been working on my online shops. Storenvy.com/ajonesofalltrades & etsy.com/ajonesofalltrades . Now it’s the waiting game. Waiting to see if stuff starts to sell. Then that will show Mr. Jones that it can work!


The Rut

Soooooo… Lots going on here in Tulsa! Sorry I haven’t written lately. Gramma has come into town from Massachusetts. Work has been crazy. Ren Fair. Being a wife & slacking at it. Yada, Yada, Yada…

Come on ladies, don’t you have periods when you just feel awful. Like you’re totally not pulling your weight like you should? I’m having one of those periods. Where I’m just tired! Not that Stephen isn’t being a good husband to me. Because he is freakin’ awesome. I just am being lazy! I need to step up my game! Let’s just take a second for you to fully understand how great he is…. Okay? So, today… We’ll I guess now yesterday was Father’s Day. My dad was wanting to show my gramma Oklahoma City. So we spent the entire day out there. My wonderful man took his entire day off to spend with us. I was quite happy about it. We went to pops in Arcadia, OK. Then to the botanical gardens and the OKC memorial. It was a good day.

Stephen & I spent most weekends in May at the Oklahoma Ren Fair. We so had a blast! So much so Stephen has been inspired to start working on some leather working! He now makes amazing masks! He designs them, cuts them, molds them, paints them, etc! I’m so proud of him!

Have you checked us out on our Facebook page? (Facebook.com/ajonesofalltrades)? If not, please do so. We are wanting to start to travel & do craft shows and fairs. But the only way we can do so is if we start to have a financial support! Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram! @ajonesofalltrades

We love you guys & happy you’re following us on this journey!

New Beginnings!

My booth at The Bird Cage in Jenks, Oklahoma

So, the month of May last year had so many emotions!! We lived in Nashville, TN. I just opened up my storefront. Stephen was going through the motions of being out of work because he tore his medial meniscus. With so much going on, our marriage seemed to be crumbling. We turned into complete strangers!


That all being said, I have been kind of dreading this month for a bit now. Because that shop that I put sweat, tears, and basically my marriage into is no longer in existence. The memories of all the not nice words that were exchanged between Stephen & I during those months. The fears of money & future of Stephen’s leg. So much JUNK. It’s like dust that was disturbed.


But, this years May has brought some new adventures & actual good memories!


At the beginning of the month I put some A Jones of all Trades merchandise into a shop here in Jenks, Oklahoma. Which is wonderful! I will be bringing some additional items at the beginning of next week. Stephen & I went to the masked ball at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. Which was so much fun! We’ve gone on some double dates with some friends this month too.

All dolled up for the ball!
All dolled up for the ball!


Needless to say, a new year, a new set of memories. I took time out of the month or so before May thinking about how I dreaded this years May. Took extra time thinking about all the bad memories. Wasting time that I could’ve made new good memories. I will be more conscientious of this issue, because there will be no more time wasted!

Stephen & I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary last month. Time has flown. We’ve had so many ups & downs. But I am grateful for him. The future seems to be bright. I look forward to it.

Love… What it be?

The technical definition of Love according to Websters Dictionary is as follows:


: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

: attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship

: a person you love in a romantic way

So basically LOVE is based on feelings & emotions. According to the movies that we’ve grown up with it makes look like it’s a switch that is flipped & then you’re in love. But what they don’t show us is that the fire starts to fade or burn out. It is our responsibility to continually put new items in there to keep the FIRE roaring. What kind of items, you ask? That’s where the 5 love languages come into play. (Click the link and it will lead you to a questionnaire to find out what your love language is).

I feel that love is when you look for the interest of another person before yourself. When someone else’s happiness is more important than your own. What do you see love as?? What is your love language?

I used to be a hoarder…

Have you seen the newish show on TLC “Hoarders: Buried Alive”? While I’ve been hanging out with Ellie, I have some extra time to watch these day time shows… Hoarders is about people who have a problem with keeping crap! They live in filth on a daily basis. Most of the time you can’t see the floor because it’s covered in trash, old food, newspapers, etc… A lot of the time people have had a traumatic experience & they basically get out of control. Sometimes it’s an easy “fix” & these “victims” go on their way. But other times people put up a huge fight and it holds them back. By keeping all of this material crap these people are loosing their family, jobs, and even life!

While watching this it came to mind how so many people in this world are some sort of hoarder! I used to be one too… How you ask? By keeping feelings, hurt, hate, etc all bottled up is a type of hoarding! Your insides, heart, & mind looks and smells like those houses we see on tv! Filled with dirty laundry, old food, & more! You know, I’ve had a lot of reasons to hoard! My parents have gone through a divorce in my lifetime. My mom has been in a horrible wreck this past year. I have had friends randomly come in my life and leave abruptly. People who I thought would be there for my lifetime. I have to make a conscious decision everyday that I’m not going to let all of this crap bog me down! Because if I let this stuff sit stagnant in my heart & mind I would make myself sick. Literally sick! It would hinder me from my current relationships with friends and family! Plus it would prevent me from having good future relationships! So why waste time, life, and happiness by keeping all this junk?!?!

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not perfect. Not even close! I have trouble with letting go. It’s the same conversation for Stephen & I. He is just like a duck in water. Nothing can seem to phase him much. I don’t understand how he makes it seem so easy! Me on the other hand, I take everything in! And over analyze it… It is a daily task to let go of all the junk. So I encourage you to do so. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Cliché thing for me to say… But it’s the truth.

Creative Exchange

So I built a group on Facebook called the Creative Exchange. (Click the link & join in on the fun!)


One of the items I create

We are a group that 1 time a month we will do a large exchange with all of our members. We will pull two names out of the bucket and they will exchange with each other. Each member is required to make some sort of goods handmade. Anything from jewelry, to home decor & more. You can also add some other fun personalizations if you’d like.

You don’t have to live local to be apart of this adventure! Social media has quite frankly taken over the world pretty much. So we have all forgotten how amazing it feels to find something at your doorstep or in your mailbox! If you are local to each other why not meet up at a local coffee joint and exchange in person?? Anything is possible. This is meant to grow as a blessing to everyone. Not only will we get the “high” of receiving something new every month. But it’s also marketing without costing a lot or having to work really hard for. This is where Social Media will help us. When we receive these packages we will be tweeting, facebooking, instagraming, & even blogging about them! THAT IS FREE PUBLICITY! Publicity when all we were doing is having fun being a blessing to someone.

I truly believe this will be a blast! Our first exchange will be announced on May 1, 2014! Come join in with us!