Why I do it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful freedom weekend celebrating the 4th of July. Stephen & I watched “Rockets over Rhema” with our friends Natalie & Dustin. We watched them with our Starbucks coffee in hand (iced Carmel macchiato, breve, with extra vanilla, please!) This took place on Monday. Then on Wednesday (truck day at the hobby lobby) I went Grace and watched fireworks with my dad & family. It was the first time watching them with Ellie! She was a champ. I’m grateful to be apart of their lives.


So at the beginning of the week I sent out my first Etsy order since I’ve re-opened my shop! I was so excited! Someone ordered The Giving Plate (click to the left to get yours). I giggled because the customer is from Knoxville! It made Stephen and I smile. The customer requested for us to try hard to get the plate to her by the holiday. So we did just that. She emailed me yesterday stating that she got it I’m perfect timing. She wanted to give it to her new daughter-in-law who she doesn’t know very well yet. This customer said how it would be a great piece for her daughter-in-law to start a new tradition as a new wife! This kind of story is why I love what I do! And those days when I feel like I’m never going to get anywhere with A Jones of all Trades. These emails show me there is a future. I look forward to more and more coming in…


I feel like this Etsy sale is a step into a new destiny!



Creative Exchange

So I built a group on Facebook called the Creative Exchange. (Click the link & join in on the fun!)


One of the items I create

We are a group that 1 time a month we will do a large exchange with all of our members. We will pull two names out of the bucket and they will exchange with each other. Each member is required to make some sort of goods handmade. Anything from jewelry, to home decor & more. You can also add some other fun personalizations if you’d like.

You don’t have to live local to be apart of this adventure! Social media has quite frankly taken over the world pretty much. So we have all forgotten how amazing it feels to find something at your doorstep or in your mailbox! If you are local to each other why not meet up at a local coffee joint and exchange in person?? Anything is possible. This is meant to grow as a blessing to everyone. Not only will we get the “high” of receiving something new every month. But it’s also marketing without costing a lot or having to work really hard for. This is where Social Media will help us. When we receive these packages we will be tweeting, facebooking, instagraming, & even blogging about them! THAT IS FREE PUBLICITY! Publicity when all we were doing is having fun being a blessing to someone.

I truly believe this will be a blast! Our first exchange will be announced on May 1, 2014! Come join in with us!

Updates all around!!

Technology is just crazy! This morning I have spent updating our online shop, pinterest, & Facebook page! Everything now says we are located in Tulsa, not Nashville anymore… So you guys need to go check out our stuffs!

Here’s where the creativity starts rolling! (Our Pinterest Boards) This is where we talk about it & love to hear your input! (Our Facebook page) Lastly shop here at our online spot!

Creating is my passion. Inspiring is something I love to do.

Go check those pages out!

Are you a pinner???

So… interests is a life saver. Looking for a cookie recipe? Pinterest. Wondering if I can pull this hair idea off?? Pinterest. Mentally in the mood to build my dream home??? Pinterest. If only it were around before Stephen & I got married. When we renew our vows I will definitely utilize it!

If you aren’t doing so already… go & start following us on pinterest! We post some awesome things… Plus we post our new creations up there too! http://www.pinterest.com/mrsperegrine/

Our newest item in the shop, is called the giving plate. It has an adorable poem about how this plate is to be passed around a group of family & friends. Always filled with a yummy food! Each plate is unique & different from the last.

Our newest item in the shop!
Our newest item in the shop!

Give Away the Giveaway!

Yep, you read that right! “Give Away the Give Away” is what the game is going to be called! A Jones of all Trades is looking for 25 (Yes, twenty-five!) people to message us (email, Facebook, or text us) with your address! We will send you an item created by A Jones of all Trades. You ask, what’s the catch?? Well, the only catch is winning a bigger prize! With your A Jones of all Trades item you are to give it to someone! Bless someone with your giveaway! Take a picture of how you gave it away. Whether it’s giving it to your neighbor, leaving it behind the mac & cheese at the grocery store, or giving it to your waitress at Roadhouse. Do it however your beautiful heart leads you to do so!

Example of the jewelry
Example of some of our merchandise

YOU have to send us the picture & your story of how you did it! Then we will post them on our page and everyone will have to vote by commenting on your picture! The more people involved the better! The winner with the most votes will receive an entire box full of A Jones of all Trades Merchandise & more.

A Jones of all Trades is going to a whole-nother level this 2014 year! We are wanting to be the biggest blessing we can possibly be! We are wanting our merchandise to be given to others solely to bring a smile to their face & heart. I see a movement starting through out the world. But we need your help! When you purchase A Jones of all Trades merchandise not only will the item you’re buying bless someone but the money you purchased it with will too. As a business, no, as a ministry we want the funds that come in to go right back out into the world. Whether it to be helping a missionary go to where they’re called to go, to buy coats for a class in a less fortunate school district, heck, I wanna get to a point where we can buy cars for families who can’t afford them!

Share us with your friends!

I know I have said “Blessings” a lot in this post… BUT BLESSINGS FOR EVERYONE! The Bible is clear about giving. You are blessed back when you do so. So why not be on the blessings bus?! 🙂

MESSAGE US WITH YOUR ADDRESS! Get on board with us the NEW & IMPROVED A Jones of all Trades 2014!

Cut, take 2!

The whole moving back to Tulsa (to where I swore I’d never return) I have learned and re-acquainted myself with the past me. With this life transition I’m bringing back Missions into my life, God’s presence more than ever, the love of creating, and being married to an amazing man… What more could I ask for?? I feel like our life is starting all over again, and I couldn’t be more excited.


The above is what I wrote on my Facebook page on August 28, 2013. Sitting there in front of my laptop in complete awe of what was going on in my life. The year 2013 was by far the hardest year of my life. I don’t say worst, because in the midst of all the crappy things that happened to me. The one year of my entire life I am completely grateful for is, believe it or not the year 2013.  

My first post on here, I talked about how I wasn’t going to live in the past because it was behind me. I was ready to live the future out to it’s full potential. And the future is so bright, you need sunglasses to look at it. 😉

Just as I said in the “status” above. “With this life transition I’m bringing back Missions into my life, God’s presence more than ever, the love of creating, and being married to an amazing man.” I meant it. It did get delayed a little bit due to mom’s wreck & Ellie being born. But 2014 I am going to make a mark & 2015 is the year I’m going to strive. All of this with Stephen Jones by my side.

A Jones of all Trades (Facebook.com/ajonesofalltrades) has pretty much taken a completely stand still really since we moved. I sold my shop (aka a piece of my heart & dream. I guess I can really say I left a part of my heart in Nashville.) As I talked in a previous post  (https://ajonesofalltrades.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/a-jones-of-all-trades-presents/) I am wanting A Jones of all Trades to do something great! I have re thought it out. There isn’t going to be a different name. It’s going to be A Jones of all Trades still just with the twist of a new business direction.

So, this is the deal. A Jones of all Trades merchandise is going to be made for the soul reason of bringing smiles to peoples faces. Our merchandise is going to be left around town and hopefully soon all over the nation & maybe even the world! “What do you mean left around town?” Good question George! (That was for you dad.) We will be hidden behind the mac & cheese at the Kroger. Next to you at the coffee shop. Maybe even on your windshield! “Why are you going to do that??” I’m glad you asked, Ernie! (Gramma wants a grandchild named Ernie. I once named a goldfish for her.) Because we want to be spontaneous & bring a smile to peoples faces! And the coolest part is you all can do it as well! You purchase A Jones of all Trades merchandise & get on the bandwagon! The money you spend in purchasing the items to plant around your town goes to families & people in need. So all around there’s going to be a lot of blessed people! Let Christmas not be the only week you think of others! Everyone deserves to be surprised & blessed.

This is going to be a movement. This is my MISSION. My mission here at HOME. Please join me on this journey. You & I can be amazed together!