It’s a…

I’m at 26 weeks now in our pregnancy! Our baby is growing & will be here before we know it…

She… Yes, Alanna Grace Jones should be making her grand arrival around the last week of July. We have moved into a two bedroom apartment so we have room for her outside of my belly.

This past weekend was pretty crazy. But thankfully we have amazing friends who helped us move. They did a great job at making sure I didn’t do anything other then tell them where the boxes needed to go. Stephen & I haven’t boughten really anything yet for baby girl. We wanted to wait until we were settled in our new place so we didn’t have to move it all. Our baby shower is at the end of May, so we will wait to get shopping crazy until after then.

Well, there is a brief update on what’s been going on. I will have a couple posts coming up soon about my most recent swap & pictures of the new apartment.


A new me…

So… This has been a big weekend! I got contact lenses! There’s a whole new world I have been missing out on, hahaha… I kinda feel like a whole new person. Now I need to get into the gym and get the sexy body back & then it will be quite perfect! I’m feeling more confident which is cool.

Holmes is doing wonderful. He is learning how to sit & stay. He hasn’t had an “accident” in the apartment in the past few days. Which is awesome. It’s quite funny, he goes outside & knows he gets a treat after. So he sits right in front of me until he gets it! We are very proud of him! Holmes is a great fit for the family. 🙂

I’m loving working at Hobby Lobby. The people I’m working with are great! The crew make me laugh.

To my readers… What are somethings you would like to see me write about?? I would like some input… Please? Also! if you haven’t sent us your address to be apart of “Give Away the Giveaway” (  it’s not too late!! DO SO QUICKLY! Hope to hear from y’all!

THE best Christmas gift… like ever.

THE best Christmas gift… like ever.

As you’ve seen in previous posts I was quite excited for Christmas 2013! It’s the first Christmas Stephen & I got to enjoy with my side of the family tree!

Christmas morning oatmeal!

Stephen & I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve, Eve. We figured it’d be the best time for us to do it without being rushed. He got me a beautiful cast-iron tea kettle from Teavanna. I was so surprised! It’s gorgeous. Also, Mr. Jones got me a fossil wallet that matched my fossil purse I bought with my Christmas bonus! It’s gorgeous! The funniest part of my Christmas was when I pulled the items out of my stocking, I found 1/3 of it filled with Honey Roasted BBQ packets from Chick Fil A! (They’re some of my favorites!)

Sydney’s new baby!

Christmas Eve Day, Stephen & I both worked until 6pm. Then we had the honor of going over to my mom’s house to celebrate with her! On Sunday, the 23rd we had the great pleasure of picking mom up from the assisted living facility & The "Mother's Love" charm.moved her back home! She got her big wish of being home for Christmas! Stephen & I got her the “Mothers Love” ring from James Avery. I think she liked it a lot… My newest charm to my bracelet is the charm version of the ring. So I’m reminded of her. It’s pretty neat!

Christmas Morning, Mr. Jones & I had his home made oatmeal. He did a great job! We then skyped with his family in Tennessee. We did gifts over the internet. Man, the internet is so cool!  They got us quite a few great things! I got 3 pairs of boots! We got the series of Boy Meets World. And lots more!  The next stop was to my dad’s & Kari’s house. We ate a delicious chicken dinner! Exchanged some more gifts. Then headed to the hospital to see Ellie. This is my favorite part, ready for it?? Yea? I got to

Skyping with the Tennessee family!
Skyping with the Tennessee family!

hold Ellie! It happened all so quickly & unexpectedly… They got me the best gift, & it was priceless. I held Ellie for for quite a while, we Skyped with Stephen’s little sister MaKayla & introduced them.  I look forward to cuddling with the cuddle bug again very soon!

I look forward to the years to come enjoying family around the holiday seasons & through the rest of the years.  Stephen & I are amazed at how blessed we are truly are! Sigh, I love life.

Holding Ellie for the first time!

{Becca’s Goals for 22}

As you may already know this month I turned 22… I think I’m getting old, lol. On Stephen’s birthday in September I asked him to tell me 7 different goals he had for this next year of life. He wrote them & have them sticking up on our mirror in the bathroom. So he can see them as a reminder every day when he gets ready. So here are my goals for this new year! I write them as a post because I would like my readers & followers to be apart of this journey!

1. To loose weight. I would like to get down to 115 pounds. It’d be rocking to loose some weight by Valentine’s Dayish. I have an adorable dress to wear already.

2. To go on a nice Vacation. Just Stephen & I. No family, no phones, no drama. Just loveliness!

3. Buy an SLR camera. I’m thinking a Cannon Rebel? Also, get some editing software. Ready to take A Jones of all the Trades to the next level!

4. Give the blog it’s own domain name.

5. To bring A Jones of all Trades to the next level launch the new blessed2give campaign. Start a MOVEMENT with it!

6. Be a better wife to Mr. Jones then I have been so far.

7. Pray more, grow my faith stronger, & find a home church to plug into on a regular basis.

So there they are! And on my mirror they shall go next to Stephen’s… 🙂


You know, I was sitting at lunch today with my husband & my family. (Take note: If I were writing this a year ago; I’d say “my husband, dad & his family). We all sat at a local deli here for over 3 hours just talking & laughing. It was quite amazing…  A flash of  the past 5 years dropped into my head. My parents divorce, new marriages, moving states 2 times in a year, & more! Today all of that crappy stuff really disappeared from my heart. I figured out that I am really SATISFIED & content with my life.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s definitely great things in store for Stephen & I in the many years to come. But for the first time in Stephen & I’s marriage are we both completely comfortable with my family. No more awkwardness when we are around them. “Does he fit in?”, “Should he not have said this?”, “What should he say?”, etc. We can now just BE with them.

A glimpse at my family

After we went to lunch, mom & Ryan came over to the apartment to hang out with us for a little bit. So we just fellowshipped with them in the living room together.

This Christmas, Stephen’s family is going to come visit from Tennessee. I look forward to our families coming together. To celebrate as one. My dad & I were talking today about past Christmas’ & how the fighting/tension used to be so high. Okay… it’s really called DRAMA. So dad said, that this is the first time in years that he is actually truly excited about Christmas & I couldn’t agree with him more!  Although, I really, really look forward to next years Christmas… Baby Bergeron will be here!! I can’t wait for Baby to be here 🙂 BTW it’s my Step-mom & dad that are expecting a baby. Not the hubby & I! haha… Not yet, that is. Hopefully in the next few years though!

Enough of my jumbled words for one night! Goodnight!


Sorry I haven’t posted lately! Things have been pretty hectic with the move. We do have the moving truck reserved, a job waiting for me in Tulsa, and we’re excited to have some of my family coming out to help us move next week. Also, I am picking up a few shifts here and there at Panera this week which will be helpful! Just crazy I tell you, crazy!

Stephen and I started fostering for Schnauzer Love Rescue. ( The day before the apartment fire this past December, I travelled down to the Tennessee Alabama line and picked up a dog we named Tramp. He was stinky, matted, skinny, & did I mention stinky?!  I drove the 2+ hours with it freezing outside and the window down! haha We picked him up just to foster him, but really fell in love with him.

Stinky Tramp. (Ride home from the pound)
Stinky Tramp. (Ride home from the pound)

He lived with us in the hotel for about a month. Did GREAT! Then we moved back into the apartment. The boy didn’t enjoy being left alone. He barked a lot when we weren’t home. It made our neighbor below mad, so we decided to move out. In the process of moving out she threatened to shoot Stephen, me, our family with us, and the dog. So the next day she was evicted. (Man, Karma bit her in the butt!) So, Stephen and I then moved in with my in-laws. We brought Tramp to Tulsa to stay with our best friends in Tulsa. He has been there for the past six months.

Tramp sleeping at the Hotel.
Tramp sleeping at the Hotel.

A few weeks ago Natalie and Dustin informed us Tramp wasn’t doing very good… They brought him to the doctor & they informed us it wasn’t looking good. They gave him a few antibiotics. Unfortunately, they didn’t work. So we made the decision to put him to sleep today. It was a hard choice to make, but Tramp totally stopped eating, lost lots of weight, was constantly thirsty, & the list goes on… He is now running around happily with other doggies in puppy land.

Goodbye, Tramp. You’ll be missed…

Well, there’s a lot going on and I need to wake up early tomorrow for Panera! Wahoo… Not really.

Questions for Mrs. Jones

So, I figured it would be cool to answer some questions about me! I’ll have Stephen answer them too in a future post. 🙂 If you have any questions or topics you’d like to see us talk about, be sure to e-mail us. We love feedback!

Here we go!

1) What are your favorite smells? 

The smell of my blanket RIGHT after it comes out of the wash/dryer. Most of Secret Garden Candles ( Some of the best candles you’ll EVER buy)

2) Can you go a whole day without caffeine? 

NO! The thought of going without it for a day even gives me a headache!

3) Who knows more about you than anyone else? 

That there is a toss up between my mom and my hubby.

4) Are you health conscious?

No, not at the moment. I need to be. My goal is to lose 20 pounds before we move to T town. C25K is what I’m starting.

5) How do you like your eggs?

Ummm… This answer will defeat question #4… The ONLY way I eat eggs is: scrambled, with garlic, italian seasoning, and a handful of cheese. Sometimes chicken if it’s lying around.

6) Do you drink enough water?

No as much as I should. But I’m really getting better at it. Hubby and I have the Shake Cups that we keep full most of the day. (Well, Stephen really keeps mine full for me… He’s such a great help!)

7) How do you usually feel when you wake up in the morning?

“How many more times can I hit snooze?”

8) When was the last time you wore high heeled shoes?

The last time I wore high heels was when Stephen and I were in Tulsa for our best friends Natalie and Dustin’s wedding. We went to one of our favorite burger joints (

9) Do you wear socks to bed?

Only if it’s really, really cold. But when I wake up the next morning they’re always off. RANDOM FACT: I cannot stand when I only have one sock on. Even when someone else in the room only has one sock on. I just can’t do it!

10) Favorite Disney princess?

Rapunzel! When I see her I think of me.

11) Can you drive?

I say I can. Most people who have ridden with me say I cannot. (Yes, including Mr. Jones…)

12) Favorite and least favorite accent?

Mmmm…. Irish accent makes me melt! Chinese is the hardest to understand, so I’d say that’s my least favorite.

13) What are you looking forward to?

Our MOVE! 🙂

14) Do you like 1980s fashion?

Kinda pathetic… But I had to look up 1980’s fashion on google. lol The answer is NO. I do not approve. 1950’s please!

15) Where was your last vacation?

Mr. Jones & I took a quick weekend vacation to Gatlinburg a few months ago. We went to the aquarium there, walked around town, ate food. Had a grand time together. We never took a honeymoon. So that was our first time away together. Look forward to many of them in the future.

Well isn’t that fun! Random questions/thoughts. But it gives you a little insight in my life.