Goodbye 2015

Goodbye 2015.

Well, this past year was full of CHANGE. Have I mentioned in any past posts how much I loathe change. None the less UNPLANNED change. Well, I will tell you again. I hate change… Granted all of the change was for the better.

Pregnancy. Bed rest. Restricted work hours. Moving. Moving again 3 weeks later. A baby shower. Having a baby. Having a baby via emergency c-section. Having a baby 6 weeks earlier than expected. 10 day NICU stay. New baby. Stephen gets new job. I’m Supposed to go back to work. Have gallbladder surgery instead. Supposed to go back to work; doctor denies it. Out of work for a month longer than expected. Go back to “work” (worst decision ever.) Leave paying job. (Yay, for following your inside even though it seems scarier than swimming in shark infested waters.) Home with a beautiful smiling face (most days at least). A holiday season full of family coming in & out of town.

Watching my husband Stephen grow has been so rewarding.  Finding a career & passion to call his own. And not only see him become a father, but grow into a better husband has me completely blown away.

Bringing Alanna Home. 


2015 wasn’t an easy year. The stork didn’t just drop Alanna off at our Apartment door. There wasn’t a pdf instruction manual to have for reference. We didn’t have someone come pack our apartment for the moves. Having a c-section wasn’t a vacation. And I’m glad I will never have a gallbladder taken out ever again. Stephen & I are experiencing parenthood for the first time, even though sometimes we act like we know what we are doing a little too much. And the pause button on our dvd controller has seen more action than I have!

I’m not writing this to complain or make it sound like it was a bad year. Because that’s the furthest thing from the truth. This year has made me unfriend my close friend of normal. And I wouldn’t change a damn thing. I’ve come out a stronger lady, wife, and mom. 2015 was preparing to catepult me & my little family into 2016…

My goal for this blog this year is to be the real deal. I’m not perfect… Growing & learning daily. I hope not to offend anyone & desire to step on your toes. “What??” you say…  Let this blog encourage you to grow & be a more confident you.





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