So, about 2015….

I suck at this “avidly writing in my blog daily” thing. As I sit here listening to my music on my ear buds I’m trying to figure out where to start off from where I left off. Yes, that makes sense, even if you have to read the sentence twice…

2014 ended with a HUGE BANG! Like most epic great year of my life. On the evening of November 20, 2014 I did something that would change the Jones family forever. I peed on a stick. There no longer is just Stephen & I. There is a baby coming Summer of 2015. New chapters are being written.

Sticks of Reality.
Sticks of Reality.

A couple weeks prior to finding out about baby Jones I had been sick with what I thought was a sinus & ear infection. So I went to the doctors where they put me on a prescription. I took that for a few days, didn’t help me a bit! Plus I started breaking out all over in hives. So I went back & they put me on a z-pack and a metro pack. (The metro pack is a steroid.) I haven’t been that sick with head crap like that in what seems like forever. My heart aches for children who deal with ear infections often. Because that is the most pain in a long time!! Times before when I get really sick it can throw off my monthly visitor. So, putting the idea of baby on a shelf because I was taking those meds & sick. But I’m usually always very regular. Sorry for the TMI… For about the first week of the steroids my hunger grew more, morE, moRE, mORE, & MORE. I reassured Stephen “it’s the steroids, I’ve been through this before.” Chick-fil-a is a whole new kind of delicious now! Never before could I demolish a Chicken Club sandwich, fries, & a coke, by myself, without a butt. But can I now!

It was a Thursday night… Stephen & I were getting all settled in bed. He kissed me goodnight & got comfy. I waited a few minutes before saying anything, I was just thinking in my head how my body and stomach had felt so different. I was probably just making up these “pregnancy” thoughts. But I tossed the line out there to Stephen… “Would you still love me if I was pregnant.” He quickly replied with the great husband response “Of course, I’d still love you…” then there was a silence. Which followed “…but you’re not pregnant” & off to sleep he went. I waited a little bit & got out of bed, went to the bathroom where I did the deed of peeing on a stick. Which I’ve done quite a few times before. But never has it lit up like a Christmas tree like it did that night. TWICE.

I walked into the bedroom and poked Stephen. Who was already asleep & snoring a little. I poked a little harder & he then flew out of bed. I told him “I need you to take it down like 10 notches & walk into the bathroom.” In a haze he proceeded out of the bedroom & it clicked. He got into the bathroom & didn’t say a word. Finally I said “I need you to say something, whether good or bad. Just something.” He continued to look at the future laying on our bathroom counter & then he picked it up. He spoke it & said “the line isn’t going away”.

We laid on the couch together for a little bit in silence. Until Stephen decided that he needed to sleep on the news. I, myself couldn’t sleep worth anything that night! Downloaded baby apps on my phone. Added new walls to my pinterest. So much to do! The following day I went to the urgent care to confirm the news. Stephen all day pinterested away & texted me all day. He was officially excited.

Having a baby is a huge change for us. In April we will be celebrating 4 years of marriage together. The life that we thought was a roller coaster before is just about to take off. I don’t think we could be more excited @ scared at the same time as we are right now. But everything will fall into place.


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