What has been going on…

So much has happened since my last post… My mom has had another surgery. Holmes has got his manhood taken away. Stephen quit Hobby Lobby & started working at a Bavarian Bakery. Ellie has grown so very much & is starting to even crawl! Stephen & I attempted to do a weight loss challenge & failed epicly. Oh! We brought Holmes to get groomed & he came home with fleas. We’ve had such a hard time getting rid of the dumb things! My etsy shop has started to really take off… Not by the jewelry that I make, nope! But a t-shirt that I’ve been making has really taken off. A Jones of all Trades had a huge showcase at a high-class club downtown. I just celebrated my one year anniversary at my job. And Stephen turned a year older! *Takes deep breaths* And my favorite thing of all, we started going to church again! Sunday is officially my favorite day of the week again.

Holmes loves to sit on my craft table while I craft...
Holmes loves to sit on my craft table while I craft…

Now, I’m not a “religious” crazy Christian. I’m a real person, with a real relationship. And it freakin’ rocks. LifeChurch.tv is the place to be!

So, my etsy shop (<– click the link) is taking off! And I’m loving it! Making lots of trips to the post office. A problem I don’t mind having. The preggers shirt is so popular.

"Preggers" t-shirt
“Preggers” t-shirt

A week from tomorrow we leave for our trip to Nashville! I cannot wait! We are going to see Stephen’s family that we haven’t seen for almost a year! Lots of memories to be made.

You know… I really could loose the weight I want to loose by my 23rd birthday in December… Hmmm…


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