What’s new??

Well, I wanted to post at the end of last week but didn’t have the energy to!

This past Thursday I had my wisdom teeth removed! All 4 of them were impacted. My doctor was so nice & did a great job! I’ve been pretty drugged up the past few days.


Stephen has taken pretty great care of me. This was the first time since we’ve been together that I’ve been “sick” like this. Stephen & I are two totally different people when it comes to being sick. I like to be cuddled & have quality time while healing. While Stephen likes to be left alone & by himself. So we worked on finding common ground. It’s important to me to have someone watching tv with me & relaxing with me. That’s the way I grew up, I guess.

My mom brought me some homemade soup Friday night. And boy! Is it delicious! Friday Sydni came over and spent the day with me. She brought 4 different types of ice cream to share with me. 🙂 My menus have consisted if a lot of pudding, jello, and ice cream. I feel like I’m constantly hungry! I cannot wait for some papa johns pizza!


Well, there’s a little update for you guys!

PS I have worked on some new jewelry lately…. Be sure to check out our etsy shop!


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