My biggest false pretense.

False pretense: false representation of fact or circumstance, calculated to mislead.

As an elementary child I attended a private Christian school in New England. I had some amazing teachers who will always have a print on my heart. Preschool through 5th grade I had the same classmates pretty much. Most of my time there I was picked on & teased. Looking back on it all I probably would’ve picked on me too, lol. I was the person saying the word ‘crap’ was a bad word. But on the other hand I was the one always hanging out with the outsiders & sticking up for the others being teased.

3rd Grade- Mrs. Anderson was one of my favorite teachers.

Television gives you this idea that the people you go to elementary school with will be your friends for your entire life. You and your “group” will be with each other for the good, bad, & the ugly. But that’s just not true.

During my summer between 5th & 6th grade my parents & I (and Betsy too) made our big move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Where I now call home. It was the start of something totally new. And you know what? Still to this day I only keep in touch with one person from that little private school! He even came down for my wedding, drove all the way from Connecticut.

Sam is to the left (Childhood friend) to the right is Stephens old friend Zach.

My family & I started attending a church here in Tulsa where I met new people. I didn’t quite “fit” in at the beginning there either…. Eventually I did. But what I learned/noticed is the older I got the less it mattered to me. And the less “being in the in crowd” mattered to me the easier it was for me to “fit” in.

Don’t get me wrong. I have some kick butt memories with people. Like when I’d have an awful day I knew I could call Emily & we would just drive on the interstate with the windows down and music blaring! Or Amber & I could just hang out for hours doing random things like each others make up or go to the park. Shawn Fisher was my rock here on earth for many years. I could tell him anything. He knew just the right times when to just listen or when he needed to speak up. It was pretty perfect. There are other people too. But all of that comes to an end at one point. And you just have to be okay with that. The memories are there and forever will be. One day everyone floats away like a chunk of ice breaking away in Antarctica… Haha…

I am now 22 years old. With an amazing husband who I call my best friend. And I talk with my high school friends every once in a while. Buts it’s not everyday like it used to be. We all grow up and start our own things. When Stephen & I start to have kids I will tell them that it’s okay to enjoy what you have when you have it. It the friendships last their entire life then that’s wonderful! But whatever they do, don’t take a signal second for granted.

Stephen & I- together forever.

You see the reason I’m on this topic is because I grew up watching Boy Meets World. I figured I would meet my Cory, have a best friend like Sean. And live happily ever after! But not everyone is dealt those cards. But you make the best out of it!


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