Why I do it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful freedom weekend celebrating the 4th of July. Stephen & I watched “Rockets over Rhema” with our friends Natalie & Dustin. We watched them with our Starbucks coffee in hand (iced Carmel macchiato, breve, with extra vanilla, please!) This took place on Monday. Then on Wednesday (truck day at the hobby lobby) I went Grace and watched fireworks with my dad & family. It was the first time watching them with Ellie! She was a champ. I’m grateful to be apart of their lives.


So at the beginning of the week I sent out my first Etsy order since I’ve re-opened my shop! I was so excited! Someone ordered The Giving Plate (click to the left to get yours). I giggled because the customer is from Knoxville! It made Stephen and I smile. The customer requested for us to try hard to get the plate to her by the holiday. So we did just that. She emailed me yesterday stating that she got it I’m perfect timing. She wanted to give it to her new daughter-in-law who she doesn’t know very well yet. This customer said how it would be a great piece for her daughter-in-law to start a new tradition as a new wife! This kind of story is why I love what I do! And those days when I feel like I’m never going to get anywhere with A Jones of all Trades. These emails show me there is a future. I look forward to more and more coming in…


I feel like this Etsy sale is a step into a new destiny!



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