What I’ve been working on!

So, I’ve been kinda busy! Have you taken a trip over to our online shops?? I’m really wanting to start wholesaling jewelry & home decor. I just don’t know how to really start… I’ve been reading blogs & websites about how to make crafting your full time career. The big common thing with most sites is “You just have to jump in 110%”. There was this one couple who moved to Brooklyn, NY. They started to make plush toys & it took off! So couples can do it! Stephen & I can do it! It’s the daily struggle going back and forth… Stephen & I could live in hotels full time instead of an apartment… But we would still need an income. But then we wouldn’t have electric bills, water bills, cable bills, internet bills, PLUS WE WOULD GET FREE BREAKFAST!! Where there is a will, there is a way.

Here is some of the pieces I’ve complete recently!

Multi Strand Bracelet
Multi Strand Bracelet
Necklace finished with a toggle clasp.
Necklace finished with a toggle clasp.

Be sure to go check out our online shops & Facebook page!



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