The future

So my last post I wrote about the rut… Do you ever get to thinking about where you actually want to be versus where you are now? I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that there is a now. But I don’t want to stay here forever. It’s not like I want a life on some exotic beach somewhere either. I want to be able to do what I love full time. Making jewelry, home decor, taking pictures, etc…

Stephen & I want to be on the road full time selling our handmade goods, traveling the country. Out from under the corporate scene. Like if we could buy an RV and travel in that full time it’d be pretty bomb! This is something we really want to do before we have kiddos.

Working in retail doesn’t give us the ability to do craft shows/fairs. That’s where we are in a rock and hard place. Do we make the decision to quit our job and go full time into crafting? Or find another job that will kind of work with our schedule. Or have a m-f job that doesn’t require weekends. But with that we will take a pay cut. But isn’t a pay cut better then diving fully into crafting. But what if by not diving into crafting full time will put a kink in it actually taking off?? DO YOU SEE WHAT GOES ON IN MY HEAD?!?

I’m willing to make the dive. Stephen not so much…. lol. He needs to see things coming together first. So, I have been working on my online shops. & . Now it’s the waiting game. Waiting to see if stuff starts to sell. Then that will show Mr. Jones that it can work!



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