The Rut

Soooooo… Lots going on here in Tulsa! Sorry I haven’t written lately. Gramma has come into town from Massachusetts. Work has been crazy. Ren Fair. Being a wife & slacking at it. Yada, Yada, Yada…

Come on ladies, don’t you have periods when you just feel awful. Like you’re totally not pulling your weight like you should? I’m having one of those periods. Where I’m just tired! Not that Stephen isn’t being a good husband to me. Because he is freakin’ awesome. I just am being lazy! I need to step up my game! Let’s just take a second for you to fully understand how great he is…. Okay? So, today… We’ll I guess now yesterday was Father’s Day. My dad was wanting to show my gramma Oklahoma City. So we spent the entire day out there. My wonderful man took his entire day off to spend with us. I was quite happy about it. We went to pops in Arcadia, OK. Then to the botanical gardens and the OKC memorial. It was a good day.

Stephen & I spent most weekends in May at the Oklahoma Ren Fair. We so had a blast! So much so Stephen has been inspired to start working on some leather working! He now makes amazing masks! He designs them, cuts them, molds them, paints them, etc! I’m so proud of him!

Have you checked us out on our Facebook page? ( If not, please do so. We are wanting to start to travel & do craft shows and fairs. But the only way we can do so is if we start to have a financial support! Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram! @ajonesofalltrades

We love you guys & happy you’re following us on this journey!


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