New Beginnings!

My booth at The Bird Cage in Jenks, Oklahoma

So, the month of May last year had so many emotions!! We lived in Nashville, TN. I just opened up my storefront. Stephen was going through the motions of being out of work because he tore his medial meniscus. With so much going on, our marriage seemed to be crumbling. We turned into complete strangers!


That all being said, I have been kind of dreading this month for a bit now. Because that shop that I put sweat, tears, and basically my marriage into is no longer in existence. The memories of all the not nice words that were exchanged between Stephen & I during those months. The fears of money & future of Stephen’s leg. So much JUNK. It’s like dust that was disturbed.


But, this years May has brought some new adventures & actual good memories!


At the beginning of the month I put some A Jones of all Trades merchandise into a shop here in Jenks, Oklahoma. Which is wonderful! I will be bringing some additional items at the beginning of next week. Stephen & I went to the masked ball at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. Which was so much fun! We’ve gone on some double dates with some friends this month too.

All dolled up for the ball!
All dolled up for the ball!


Needless to say, a new year, a new set of memories. I took time out of the month or so before May thinking about how I dreaded this years May. Took extra time thinking about all the bad memories. Wasting time that I could’ve made new good memories. I will be more conscientious of this issue, because there will be no more time wasted!

Stephen & I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary last month. Time has flown. We’ve had so many ups & downs. But I am grateful for him. The future seems to be bright. I look forward to it.


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