I just can’t win….


Everyone, meet Sidney!
Everyone, meet Sidney!

I deal with this problem, where I’m constantly wanting something that I don’t have… Like I have a HUGE fossil addiction. An old friend named Sydni had a beautiful purse that I fell in love with & it started the addiction. When Stephen & I lived in Nashville there was a fossil outlet. TROUBLE! Momoa bought my first fossil bag a couple Christmas’ ago. Then I got an adorable Spring bag, & then this past year with my Christmas Bonus we bought a black purse ironically called the “Sidney Satchel”. I thought it was pretty epic.

Isn't it sexy??
Isn’t it sexy??


Needless to say… Last night we went into Fossil to find a watch for Stephen. Which by the way, I have been trying to get him into SOMETHING fossil for the last 3 years!!! Mission accomplished… It’s a beautiful kinetic watch. I’m so proud of Stephen that he went ahead & purchased a splurge for himself.  We just celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary & leather is this years gift item. So it worked out perfect!


So every time I buy a purse, I tell Stephen- “This will be a year round purse. I promise I won’t get another…” But I don’t keep that promise & end up wanting/buying more… It’s kind of pathetic. Okay, not kind of, it is pathetic. While we were in there last night I found a PERFECT summer purse! It’s a gorgeous greenish, blue color. The size can’t get any better for walking around theme parks, malls, etc. Plus! It’s a great size so when I go on shoots I can put my keys and wallet in there instead of my back pocket… Come on now! (fossil bag) With much restraint I left fossil without the bag.

It’s the same way with other life things… I need to learn to be happy & satisfied with where I am at. Here I have a great paying job. But I want to own my own shop. I want to have my own hours, be my own boss, etc. Not only because I don’t want to work for other people (lol). But Stephen & I are going to be starting a family at some point. We want to have a schedule where we can bring the baby to work & work around kids schedules… I can’t do that with my 40 hour a week job! That’s apart of the reason we bought the dslr camera. It’s true, we are making steps in the right direction. But I want it now! lol

I will continue to leave it in God’s hands. And pray that it comes to pass in His timing which is hopeful quickly. Along with that Fossil Bag!


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