Online Store has been built!


Our little shop...
Our little shop…

Well, around this time last year I was working full time at Panera Bread in Mt. Juliet, Tennesse. At the same time I was figuring out the logistics of how to open up my own shop. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since the doors open of that little shop on Lebanon Rd… Stephen & I put lots of hard work & sweat into it! That’s for sure…


We felt we were supposed to move quickly to Tulsa. So we sold the shop, packed up & moved. I bought a macbook pro in hopes that we would build the blog &  an online shop. But with getting settled, my mom facing death quickly, & Ellie being born (plus a few things in between all of that… lol) I haven’t been able to keep up with it as much as I would like.


That being said, I’ve been trying to write a bit more & the online shop has started! It’s looking cute! There’s only a few items in there so far… But more to come soon! Please be sure to go check it out! Bookmark it! Pin it! Buy it! 🙂


The cool thing we are doing with A Jones of all Trades is half (1/2) of all our proceeds goes into something called “The Giving Fund”. This fund we use to help families, couples, and people in need. Whether it’s buying them a new outfit for an interview, going out to give a good dinner to the homeless on a Sunday afternoon, or helping a family make their electric bill for the month. We want to help people with the “basics”. So not only will you be buying a cool item, but you will be helping multiple people, somehow, somewhere.

So go check out our store!


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