Day 6:

Again, it’s been a bit since I’ve written again. I suck at this… I should’ve made it a new years resolution or something…? Nah…

So, it’s day 6 without soda for me. It’s kind of a big deal, a huge deal! I was a sodaholic. True story. Stephen & I have been together 3 years now. And we have actually hit it pretty hard with the “healthy eating” kick we started last weekend. This is pathetically the longest we’ve gone in all of our attempts. LOL! We both have cut so many sweets out of our diet, as well as no more soda! I’m missing my pepsi for sure & the headaches we’re pretty bad. But I think I’m through the hardest part.

Right now I’m sitting in the surgery family waiting area at the hospital. My mom is in her third surgery at the moment. Hopefully this is the last one. She is getting her rotator cuff repaired. On March 3rd she went under for her femur repair & a knee replacement. But her leg was in too bad of condition for them to do a replacement. But if the femur repairs the way it’s supposed to, the knee replacement might not be needed after all. Which would be awesome. After the 3-5 surgery was over, they informed us she needs to go back to a skilled center. No weight on it for at least 8 weeks. Kinda feels like square one again. BUT! Her doctor said, lets go ahead & get the shoulder surgery done too. As I’ve told my mom all morning, this is the last leg! Last paton for this crazy race. I can see the finish line! (They keep it freakin’ colder than Alaska in this hospital!)

My Man Crush
My Man Crush

Well, I’m going to be cliché do the whole #MCM (Man Crush Monday). I’m totally enjoying having photoshop on my computer! So I messed around a little with one of my favorite pictures of Stephen. He has been such a huge help with everything going on with my family & mom. One of the benefits of getting married so young is we get to watch each other grow up. I’m so honored to watch this young man become a man of God. I know He has such great things for Stephen & I.


I see that I’m starting to get people I have never met “following” my blog. Thank you. It’s exciting to share my journey with others. More to come, I promise!



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