A new me…

So… This has been a big weekend! I got contact lenses! There’s a whole new world I have been missing out on, hahaha… I kinda feel like a whole new person. Now I need to get into the gym and get the sexy body back & then it will be quite perfect! I’m feeling more confident which is cool.

Holmes is doing wonderful. He is learning how to sit & stay. He hasn’t had an “accident” in the apartment in the past few days. Which is awesome. It’s quite funny, he goes outside & knows he gets a treat after. So he sits right in front of me until he gets it! We are very proud of him! Holmes is a great fit for the family. 🙂

I’m loving working at Hobby Lobby. The people I’m working with are great! The crew make me laugh.

To my readers… What are somethings you would like to see me write about?? I would like some input… Please? Also! if you haven’t sent us your address to be apart of “Give Away the Giveaway” (https://ajonesofalltrades.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/give-away-the-giveaway/)  it’s not too late!! DO SO QUICKLY! Hope to hear from y’all!


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