{Our little Family}

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, we have been busy with our new edition! He has a body full of black fur, is learning how to talk, & loves to play with his toys!


Everyone, meet Holmes! He is a 10 week miniature schnauzer. We found him and fell in {LOVE} with him! He is only 11 weeks old and full of spunk! Stephen didn’t grow up with dogs, so this was a HUGE step for him. But he really seems to be liking it. Holmes & him seemed to click right at the beginning. They’re “boy pals” Stephen calls it. haha


“I got the first kiss!” -Stephen

Stephen had his hand on Holmes head the entire ride home from Okmulgee… Was just petting and loving on him. Meanwhile Holmes gave Stephen the first kiss (lick). He got pretty excited. Like I said, they clicked!


Petco- It’s where the pets go…



We made our first trip to Petco, Holmes really enjoyed it. Well, he really slept through most of it! We got his food, smaller box, and toys! When we got home he was so excited about them all!

The Jones family is just beginning. I look forward to having Holmes with us while our Children grow.

Keep watching for updates! See how the puppy love is going 🙂


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