Give Away the Giveaway!

Yep, you read that right! “Give Away the Give Away” is what the game is going to be called! A Jones of all Trades is looking for 25 (Yes, twenty-five!) people to message us (email, Facebook, or text us) with your address! We will send you an item created by A Jones of all Trades. You ask, what’s the catch?? Well, the only catch is winning a bigger prize! With your A Jones of all Trades item you are to give it to someone! Bless someone with your giveaway! Take a picture of how you gave it away. Whether it’s giving it to your neighbor, leaving it behind the mac & cheese at the grocery store, or giving it to your waitress at Roadhouse. Do it however your beautiful heart leads you to do so!

Example of the jewelry
Example of some of our merchandise

YOU have to send us the picture & your story of how you did it! Then we will post them on our page and everyone will have to vote by commenting on your picture! The more people involved the better! The winner with the most votes will receive an entire box full of A Jones of all Trades Merchandise & more.

A Jones of all Trades is going to a whole-nother level this 2014 year! We are wanting to be the biggest blessing we can possibly be! We are wanting our merchandise to be given to others solely to bring a smile to their face & heart. I see a movement starting through out the world. But we need your help! When you purchase A Jones of all Trades merchandise not only will the item you’re buying bless someone but the money you purchased it with will too. As a business, no, as a ministry we want the funds that come in to go right back out into the world. Whether it to be helping a missionary go to where they’re called to go, to buy coats for a class in a less fortunate school district, heck, I wanna get to a point where we can buy cars for families who can’t afford them!

Share us with your friends!

I know I have said “Blessings” a lot in this post… BUT BLESSINGS FOR EVERYONE! The Bible is clear about giving. You are blessed back when you do so. So why not be on the blessings bus?! 🙂

MESSAGE US WITH YOUR ADDRESS! Get on board with us the NEW & IMPROVED A Jones of all Trades 2014!


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