THE best Christmas gift… like ever.

THE best Christmas gift… like ever.

As you’ve seen in previous posts I was quite excited for Christmas 2013! It’s the first Christmas Stephen & I got to enjoy with my side of the family tree!

Christmas morning oatmeal!

Stephen & I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve, Eve. We figured it’d be the best time for us to do it without being rushed. He got me a beautiful cast-iron tea kettle from Teavanna. I was so surprised! It’s gorgeous. Also, Mr. Jones got me a fossil wallet that matched my fossil purse I bought with my Christmas bonus! It’s gorgeous! The funniest part of my Christmas was when I pulled the items out of my stocking, I found 1/3 of it filled with Honey Roasted BBQ packets from Chick Fil A! (They’re some of my favorites!)

Sydney’s new baby!

Christmas Eve Day, Stephen & I both worked until 6pm. Then we had the honor of going over to my mom’s house to celebrate with her! On Sunday, the 23rd we had the great pleasure of picking mom up from the assisted living facility & The "Mother's Love" charm.moved her back home! She got her big wish of being home for Christmas! Stephen & I got her the “Mothers Love” ring from James Avery. I think she liked it a lot… My newest charm to my bracelet is the charm version of the ring. So I’m reminded of her. It’s pretty neat!

Christmas Morning, Mr. Jones & I had his home made oatmeal. He did a great job! We then skyped with his family in Tennessee. We did gifts over the internet. Man, the internet is so cool!  They got us quite a few great things! I got 3 pairs of boots! We got the series of Boy Meets World. And lots more!  The next stop was to my dad’s & Kari’s house. We ate a delicious chicken dinner! Exchanged some more gifts. Then headed to the hospital to see Ellie. This is my favorite part, ready for it?? Yea? I got to

Skyping with the Tennessee family!
Skyping with the Tennessee family!

hold Ellie! It happened all so quickly & unexpectedly… They got me the best gift, & it was priceless. I held Ellie for for quite a while, we Skyped with Stephen’s little sister MaKayla & introduced them.  I look forward to cuddling with the cuddle bug again very soon!

I look forward to the years to come enjoying family around the holiday seasons & through the rest of the years.  Stephen & I are amazed at how blessed we are truly are! Sigh, I love life.

Holding Ellie for the first time!

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