{Becca’s Goals for 22}

As you may already know this month I turned 22… I think I’m getting old, lol. On Stephen’s birthday in September I asked him to tell me 7 different goals he had for this next year of life. He wrote them & have them sticking up on our mirror in the bathroom. So he can see them as a reminder every day when he gets ready. So here are my goals for this new year! I write them as a post because I would like my readers & followers to be apart of this journey!

1. To loose weight. I would like to get down to 115 pounds. It’d be rocking to loose some weight by Valentine’s Dayish. I have an adorable dress to wear already.

2. To go on a nice Vacation. Just Stephen & I. No family, no phones, no drama. Just loveliness!

3. Buy an SLR camera. I’m thinking a Cannon Rebel? Also, get some editing software. Ready to take A Jones of all the Trades to the next level!

4. Give the blog it’s own domain name.

5. To bring A Jones of all Trades to the next level launch the new blessed2give campaign. Start a MOVEMENT with it!

6. Be a better wife to Mr. Jones then I have been so far.

7. Pray more, grow my faith stronger, & find a home church to plug into on a regular basis.

So there they are! And on my mirror they shall go next to Stephen’s… 🙂


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