Dear Society

First off, I would like to thank for you shopping this holiday season. Thank you for being too exhausted to cook from your shopping experience & taking your family out to eat instead. But if you do so, please keep these few things in mind.

NYC during Christmas time last year

~ The people that are working at the retail store you are in are working extra long hours to make your shopping experience a smooth time. So when you put cookie dough in the chip isle. Or those crayons in the yarn section. You are making the little time those “workers” are actually able to spend time with their family disappear.

~ We sure do get paid to assist you! But no, you can’t slip that extra $20 my way to rush your order for you. I’m terribly sorry that you waited until a week before Christmas to bring us your customized gift you would us to make for you.

~ Black Friday isn’t an experience for us in Retail, why? BECAUSE WE ARE WORKING IT! Yes, we’ve been up the SAME amount of time as you have. No, we haven’t been sitting in lines, we’ve been stalking the merchandise you are going to toss around like candy.

~ People who eat out during the holidays. Same rules go! These people are working their butts off, seeing less of their family. And quite honestly getting paid less then the rest of the year. Why? Because everyone needs money for Christmas gifts! Your waiter & waitress not only would like to get a gift or two for their child, but they need to keep the roof & essentials for their family. Keep this in mind. If you can’t tip the proper amount, the common courtesy amount at your Dine & stay restaurant, then don’t go there! Be courteous this year.

~ That parking spot closest to the door that just got “stolen” from you. Don’t honk & be annoying. Just get the next spot, you probably need to loose a few holiday pounds anyway.

I think gifts are great! And I think shopping is amazing! But Christmas isn’t just about gifts. It’s about Jesus Christ. Jesus walked a selfless life here on earth. So think about that this year. Think of how the people you pass everyday working or shopping by you has a story. Christmas isn’t just celebrating the birth of Jesus, but celebrating the life He lived as well. Let Him be our inspiration this year.


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