Theme Park Named “Tulsa” Pt. 2


Again I’m sorry for the delay in the next post. I’m not going to promise that I will get better, I’ll just surprise you! I left everyone on a “cliff hanger” again. That I’m not sorry for!! Ha! I’m sitting outside of Stephen’s work waiting for him to get off. So I have some time to kill.

Let’s get to business… So my mom was in that horrible wreck, what a hellish day it was. When I thought I had seen the worst of it all, I was completely wrong. The following day (a Thursday) I had the “honor” of going out to the junk yard where they had taken my moms car. Or better yet, what was actually left of it. I tell you what, if I had seen the car before my mom, I for sure would have thought she would be dead.

Inside of car
Where the pole went into the car.

Let me just say, I’m so grateful for my amazing husband. God has given me a great, great, man. He is such a help through all of this. Here I am kinda stressed, a little helpless with all this crap going on, & he helped me through it all. He was by my side & even my moms side when I couldn’t be there. Sigh… He is so amazing. When we got to the junk yard, Stephen was the one who went in the car to fetch for the items that we needed. Mom’s keys to get into her place, her Bible, shoes, & a few other things. The car was full of shards of glass & blood everywhere. So much so they declared it a Biohazard & the workers at the junk yard couldn’t even go in it. If we wanted anything, we had to fetch it ourselves.

We grabbed the stuff we needed quickly so we could get out of there. It was difficult! I left with tears in my eyes. Just thinking how completely blessed we all were that everyone was safe.

When mom got her staples taken out!

Mom has been such a trooper through all of this. Still when I go into visit her at the assisted living facility, Kenneth Hagin is still playing in the background. She’s a person who has faith! She is such an inspiration to me. I am proud of her beyond belief. She was released from the hospital 9 days earlier than they expected. Because she’s a believer! I went in this past week to visit her after dinner time & she wasn’t in her room, she was in the Physical Therapy room! Every moment she can get she’s strengthening her mind, spirit, & body. She has been confessing from the very beginning that she will come out of this way better then how she was when she went in. All of her friends & family has linked up with her in faith. Her next appointment is on Tuesday, I look forward to seeing what the doctors update will be!

My beautiful mom is healing wonderfully!

An update to come! That’s it for graphic posts for a bit. Hopefully for a long while!! lol


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