Theme park named “Tulsa”

“Did you intend on writing a cliff hanger or is half of your post missing? 🙂 🙂 :)” -The text I woke up to this morning from my dad.


A cliff hanger, indeed it was. I’m proud that I left a suspense!! Right now I’m sitting in my mom’s room at the assisted living facility while she is getting a bath. So I figured right now is a good time to type away.

Yes, I’m sitting at an assisted living facility. Let me tell you why, on October 16th, of this year… Our lives kinda went crazy. Let me just start off by saying I’m so grateful for my family here. Stephen has been such a huge rock for me! I have seen before my eyes walls broken. The yearning for my family to start really healing has begun. The last 5 years have quite honestly  been hell, all for the last few months to take place & really for life to truly begin again. I feel alive again, happy, myself, the person Mr. Jones fell in love with. Stephen saw this person inside of me, he looked past all the crap & saw ME.

So, Wednesday the 16th is truck day at my Hobby Lobby. Get to work at 8am & work until all truck crew is done. (Anywhere from 6pm-9pm). It’s a long day for sure! So on my way I was listening to my happy music station to get my day up & going. There was the traffic report that I usually pay no real attention to. I hear the lady say “Injury crash this morning at 31st & Sheridan causing a back up in traffic if you’re heading that way.” Thought threw my mind, sucks to be them, pray everything will be okay, I’m glad I don’t have to travel that way. Now looking back, I didn’t seem very sympathetic. Haha! So, I get to work & do my thing. I take a 15 minute break in the morning before my lunch, and randomly decided to take it about a 1/2 hour earlier that day. Went to the break room & grabbed my phone. It was being blown up! My grammy (Mom’s, mom) had called me from her work phone, her cell phone, & she was Facebook messaging me. It was weird. So I called her back, just for to tell me that mom was in a bad wreck that morning. She was in the ER, there was a couple broken bones & I should get to the hospital. So that is exactly what I did. I found out which hospital she was in, grabbed my purse, told my manager I needed to leave, & left without even clocking out! I was just in complete shock. I called Stephen on my way out of the store, told him I would come get him after I found out what was going on, also that I loved him & needed him to pray, pray hard. In the car I called my dad, told him what was going on.  (My parents divorced about 4 years ago, so it’s been quite honestly awkward trying to find the common ground between us all) Dad & Kari (my amazing Step-mom)  were such a huge help with everything! So calm, at my finger tips if I needed anything. AMAZING. While I was on the phone with dad he just told me God has it all under control, He knows what happens from the beginning to the end.

At this point I was just getting the hospital. Got myself all checked in as a visitor in the ER, was brought to my moms room, only to find out that she wasn’t in there. Freak out a little more I did. Where was she?! Thankfully she was just getting her first catscan done. At this point fear was starting to come in a little bit. I was pacing the hall when the nurse told me what room the driver of the car was in. Come to find out, it was my mom’s car but she was the passenger. I walked into the Intensive Care Unit room in the ER to see my moms friend Ryan laying on the gurney with shards of glass all over his face & head spitting blood. My heart sunk & I wanted, no I needed to see my mom quickly. I needed to see she was okay. I went out to call my Dad & Grammy to let them know I was at the hospital. Dad informed me that Kari only had a half day & was going to bring Stephen up to the hospital so he could be with me. (The amazing man brought me some coffee which I drank 1/3 of because I lost the cup…) Went back into the ER & my mom was finally in her room. She laid there in so much pain. She saw me & told me she didn’t want me there seeing her in that state. I told her tough luck. I wasn’t going anywhere! A little bit went by, Stephen got to the hospital & went to stay with Ryan while I stayed with mom. I kept praying in the spirit over my mom like she pleaded for me to do.

You see, she is a woman of faith. She said that from the very moment she was in the wreck she prayed & thanked God for her protection. That the RIGHT people would touch her body. That God lined up the doctors, nurses, even cleaning ladies! And man, did He do so! The trauma team (which by the way, were not as sexy as Grey’s Anatomy shows them to be) came in to talk about the catscans they had taken. She had a broken rib, her sternum was cracked, her right shoulder was dislocated, & worst of all her femur was completely crushed. We waited all afternoon & evening for Dr. Hollywood (that’s what they all called him at the hospital). The nurses said he was the best of the best.  They transferred mom up to her own room where we waited some more. Mom wasn’t able to eat or taken any real pain pills or muscle relaxers. Which was so very hard for me. Because she was in so very much pain. Finally around midnight (18 hours after the wreck occurred!!) mom went down for pre-op. Stephen & I went back up to the room and got a little shut eye. They called me when they were done relocating the shoulder. Then again around 4:30am to let me know they were done placing the plate & 10 rods in her femur. I kept Grammy up to date in Massachusetts (which is an hour ahead of us).

Mom a few days after the wreck.
Mom a few days after the wreck.

This here, I thought was the toughest day of my life. But I hadn’t seen tomorrow yet.



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