Let’s get something straight.

Well, again I say the word “sorry” to you. “Sorry” for taking so long to write another post. But the last almost month has been absolutely CRAZY. Honestly I don’t know if it effected anyone that I haven’t written… Am I the highlight of anyones day here on this Cyber world?? I don’t think I am, that though, won’t keep me from writing my stories & thoughts.

So my last post started to cause a little drama. Didn’t mean for any of this blog stuff to step on toes. I write what is on my heart, what my thoughts & feelings are for the time being. Trust me they change on a daily, sometimes hourly basis!

I want my fellow readers to understand that I had a good childhood. We (my parents & I seeing I was an only child for 19 years of my life) had ups & downs just as the next person did. I had good Christmas’, but it was stressful with all the holiday hustle & bustle. Going to this grandparent, to that grandparent, open these gifts, don’t eat too much of this food here so you’re full for the next stop, yada, yada, yada… The last few years Christmas has been in Nashville, TN for Stephen & I, no real hustle & bustle. This is the first year for us that we will be with my mom, dad, step-mom, & then Stephen’s family will probably be coming into town. The Christmas tree will be going up, Stephen & I will get to host our first holiday in our own place, where our individual families can come together. This is why I am so excited about OUR Christmas.

My mom’s feelings were a bit hurt with the last post I wrote. It didn’t get deleted, because my heart was pure when I wrote it. I later talked to my mom about it & all was fine. But you see, our worlds were turned upside down just a few days after that post took place…


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