You know, I was sitting at lunch today with my husband & my family. (Take note: If I were writing this a year ago; I’d say “my husband, dad & his family). We all sat at a local deli here for over 3 hours just talking & laughing. It was quite amazing…  A flash of  the past 5 years dropped into my head. My parents divorce, new marriages, moving states 2 times in a year, & more! Today all of that crappy stuff really disappeared from my heart. I figured out that I am really SATISFIED & content with my life.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s definitely great things in store for Stephen & I in the many years to come. But for the first time in Stephen & I’s marriage are we both completely comfortable with my family. No more awkwardness when we are around them. “Does he fit in?”, “Should he not have said this?”, “What should he say?”, etc. We can now just BE with them.

A glimpse at my family

After we went to lunch, mom & Ryan came over to the apartment to hang out with us for a little bit. So we just fellowshipped with them in the living room together.

This Christmas, Stephen’s family is going to come visit from Tennessee. I look forward to our families coming together. To celebrate as one. My dad & I were talking today about past Christmas’ & how the fighting/tension used to be so high. Okay… it’s really called DRAMA. So dad said, that this is the first time in years that he is actually truly excited about Christmas & I couldn’t agree with him more!  Although, I really, really look forward to next years Christmas… Baby Bergeron will be here!! I can’t wait for Baby to be here 🙂 BTW it’s my Step-mom & dad that are expecting a baby. Not the hubby & I! haha… Not yet, that is. Hopefully in the next few years though!

Enough of my jumbled words for one night! Goodnight!


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