A Jones of all Trades presents…

A Jones of all trades now presents “A ’cause’ of all Trades”! Are you looking to raise funds for a missions trip? Going on a class trip that you are lacking some money on? Maybe for your football team? Whatever it might be, let us help you with it! Hold a “Cause” fundraiser at your home or online. 50% of the proceeds raised during the duration of your fundraiser will be cut to you in a check form. Seriously now, what kind of fundraiser do you get 50%?! Only with A Jones of all Trades.


Austin Blom_1
Flyer for Austin’s Fundraiser

We have been trying to launch this part of A Jones of all Trades for a bit now. Finally things are starting to set in place! We have our first fundraiser coming up in the next month or so. Proceeds go towards Austin Blom! He will be heading to New York in Spring of 2014 with the Broken Arrow Orchestra to play at Carnegie Hall! What a great way to end his senior year. This is the type of stuff we feel we are made to help with. A Jones of all Trades wants to help people make their dreams & desires come true. Whether it’s playing in Carnegie Hall, going on the middle school trip to Boston, bringing clean drinking water to Haiti, or to sponsor a child in another country by paying for food & schooling. What ever it is, we really want to help make that possible.

“How can we do a fundraiser, Becca?” I hope is what you are thinking right now. Well, there’s a few ways you can get in contact with us. One- email us at ajonesofalltrades@gmail.com Two- check out our Facebook page. Here you can see our merchandise & get an idea of what we have to offer facebook.com/ajonesofalltrades. If you think doing a “Cause” Fundraiser will be a good fit for you, lets put you down on the books!! We can do the fundraiser one of two ways. Either online, where everyone takes a look at our facebook page & purchases that way. Or my favorite way, where you hold an A Jones of all Trades party at your home/apartment. I will come & set up all of our merchandise kinda like a pampered chef party. But we are even cooler, because most everything you will be able to leave with that night! Then within the week, A Jones of all Trades will cut you a check with your HALF of the proceeds! Yes, half! 🙂 We are just cool like that…


So please, if you haven’t already head over to our facebook page! We would really love to hook up with you and help your dreams come true!


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