The Move

Well, we are finally in Tulsa! Things have been quite crazy, seemed to be one thing after another! So sorry it has taken so long to post!

So much unpacking to do...
So much unpacking to do…

Before we left Nashville we worked our butts off! Stephen & I helped his mom and momoa (mom-war) move lots of furniture and boxes around while we had the budget truck rented. Then we started to head to our storage to put our first load on to the truck when some idiot drove past us and took out the mirror to our truck! The person didn’t even turn around! This all happened on Friday night. Saturday morning we waited around for them to get the mirror fixed… It took until noon! Put us way behind. But thankfully dad & Kari got to Nashville just in time to help us get everything loaded up. About an hour and a half later we were all done! Back home we went to shower and get ready for dinner on the town together. Was so stinking grateful that they came out, it helped everything run so smoothly & quickly!

Dad & Kim (Stephen's mom) loading the truck.
Dad & Kim (Stephen’s mom) loading the truck.

Sunday morning Me, Stephen, Dad, Kari & the girls went to breakfast at my Panera before we got on the road. The trip back took us about 13 hours, longest time of my life! Wouldn’t have taken so long if the truck wasn’t so bogged down… Every move I realize I have so much stuff, but never does it bother me enough to want to get rid of it! lol

Welcome to Oklahoma (Crappy pic, I was driving)
Welcome to Oklahoma (Crappy pic, I was driving)

Stephen is still looking for a job… But he has been SUCH a HUGE help around the house. I’ve hit the ground running with a job here, so while I’m at work Mr. Jones is playing housewife. He has put most of the house together. Hung up pictures. He even put the bedskirt on the bed! Which is a huge deal. He thinks that thing is a waste… lol! I’ve even come home a few times to dinner all made, ready, plated, & on the table. It’s been so refreshing! I love him so very much.

I’m very blessed to be back in Tulsa. Lots of things ahead. Stay tuned for all the exciting stuff!


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