Building the Shop

We are moving this weekend!! It’s so funny how God works so quickly in our lives. You see… we seem to have things set in our heart and it calls for immediate attention. That said, Mr. Jones & I don’t have much breathing time. This is part of the reason we have been married for almost a few years and have no children & don’t see them in our future anytime soon! haha

This past Spring Stephen and I had the opportunity to open our own shop here in Nashville. It happened SO quickly. The business was truly built on faith. Before we knew it, we had almost 30 vendors in the shop! The new owners asked me the other day “How did you get all those vendors? Where did you find them?” I stood there for a moment thinking “Where did they all come from?” I thought about it more that afternoon & evening. I got all those vendors from God. He brought them all to me supernaturally.

Opening up a shop seemed so crazy! I mean, come on… Stephen & I just moved in with his parents because of the apartment fire. Stephen & I had tossed around the idea of how much I’d love to own a shop one day. But it was on the back burner until we were ESTABLISHED.

So one day Stephen and I went into an antique shop looking for some welches jam jars. (You see, at my Grammys that is what I always drank out of. I would  spend weekends with her in South Hadley, MA. She would make me her fluffy pancakes… MMMMM) I started to talk to the owner about how one day I wanted to own a shop. The next thing I knew she was calling the owner of the strip mall we were in! It happened that quickly… The next thing we knew we were down meeting with Mr. Jones (Not to be confused with the husband Mr. Jones) There was an adorable like 300 sq/ft unit that needed a lot of TLC.

The Outside {Before}
The Inside {Before}

Stephen wasn’t too thrilled with this idea… The timing just seemed horrible! Plus we had no money to start with! It just was CRAZY! I started to get all the details together. How much it was to get all the utilities started. If there would be any vendors interested in joining us. I met with my SCORE advisor.  Everything was smooth sailing. The only thing that was still a little slow was that little thing called money. Which was quite discouraging, but I felt on my heart that I needed to proceed with building a business plan & application process. I was to act like the finances were there and I was going to be opening up a store soon.

TLC Phase

One afternoon I was at Panera meeting with my SCORE advisor we were talking with him about the business & look at all the finances we needed to fall into place. We really didn’t want to look into loans, because we wanted the business to be totally debt free. There was a lady sitting near by. She was done eating and just sitting there listening to our conversation… To be honest, it was kinda annoying! haha My SCORE advisor and I finished up our meeting. At this point the mystery lady started to approach the table. She looked at me and said “I couldn’t hear most of your conversation, but I was sitting there praying for you and your future. God told me that you need this to help start something for His kingdom.” She proceeded to hand me a $100 bill. That there was a huge sign from God. You see, from that moment on money wasn’t an issue. Everything started to line up perfectly. I truly believe it was because of that step I made by building the business plan and proceeding like money wasn’t an issue.

That afternoon we went and payed Mr. Jones for the unit and took the “For Rent” sign out of the window. It was so exciting. The vendors started lining up. The next thing we knew the store was filling up with amazing products!

Outside {After}
Inside {After}

It all happened within a few weeks. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way! We moved here from Tulsa with only two weeks notice. Now we are moving back to Tulsa quickly again. We only had the shop for a few months and then sold it for the big move. A Jones of all Trades just got a little taste of the business world; a taste to get us ready for bigger and better things!


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