Finding my <3 Again

“The whole moving back to Tulsa (to where I swore I’d never return) thing has really gotten me re-acquainted myself with the past me. With this life transition I’m bringing back Missions into my life, God’s presence more than ever, the love of creating, and being married to an amazing man… What more could I ask for?? I feel like our life is starting all over again, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

The above is the status I posted on my personal facebook Wednesday night. (My facebook hasn’t seen such a response since Stephen & I got married!) I look forward to the future that is heading the Jones’ way, God has some great things in store. Let’s take some time and talk specifically about A Jones of all Trades. You’ll read more on how the business really took off in a post that will publish very soon.  But let me highlight something before I get into our big announcement.

We have spent the last 6 months building a storefront here in Nashville & we have sold it because of the move. It’s sad having one door close, but we know God has bigger and better plans for AJOAT. Stephen & I felt we were to shut it down by the end of July & it worked out quite nicely because we were able to help the new owners with the transition into the shop; also Stephen and I were able to start tying things up. I worked a couple more shifts at Panera, worked on a couple custom orders, I have been able to focus on this blog, & applied for jobs in Tulsa, even did a skype interview and then got hired! (I will be working as a leasing agent in Tulsa. I’m quite excited about it!)

We're coming home!
We’re coming home!

The past month or so I have really been talking with God. Just really laying my heart out to Him about how I feel so unfulfilled with the business. You know? It just felt like I completely wasted our time, tears, sweat, and energy on the “idea” of the shop. Meanwhile thinking about the big move back to Tulsa, & it has really inspired me to get a grasp on what I want out of life & our future. I’m just so tired of floating through life, feeling so purposeless. That’s when God started stirring the pot of my heart. He brought my thoughts back to the Missions Field (where I have known for years that I’m called, but have put it on the back burner.) Then he brought A Jones of all Trades into the stream of thoughts. It’s like I could visually see the two bubbles merge into one in my head. I pretty much could hear Him clearly say- “Why can’t everything come together for MY purpose. Your business will flourish more than you can every imagine when you dedicate it to ME alone.”

So throughout that past couple weeks things have been dropping in my spirit & Stephen’s too. It’s still a work in progress, but I feel we are supposed to let everyone know what’s in the process. A Jones of all Trades is launching a whole new mission. It’s going to be called “The Body” Slogan being “We are His Hands, feet, & body”. How is this going to be different? With this branch of the business our goal is to help people called to a form of mission for Him. Whether it’s going on a missions trip, going to youth camp, building a new church, adoption, etc. Basically something that you feel on your heart that you will naturally need help financially with.

How will you be helped financially? It’s easy! You sell A Jones of all Trades merchandise and you get half of the profit! (You read that right 50% of what you sell!) Every 3-4 months a new pamphlet will come out with about 20-25 pieces (jewelry, home decor, accessories, etc). The items in the pamphlet will be mass produced. But you can go online to ( for one of a kind items. This fundraiser is set up like the cookie dough sales that schools do these days. There will be an order form you fill out & then the order is filled within a few weeks and then you deliver it. We will also hold “A Jones of all Trades” parties where you invite your friends and family and they can buy product and you get 1/2 of the profit from the nights sales! Sounds pretty cool, huh? Wait, it gets cooler! The other portion of the funds helps launch Stephen & I into the plans He has for us. So it’s a winner all around! With moving back to Tulsa, it’s just perfect! We have lots of friends there that are called to the ministry all over the world that are based there.

Machu Picchu in Peru '09
Machu Picchu in Peru ’09

There will be an application process to become apart of this new faucet of A Jones of all Trades. You will have an application to fill out and a short essay we will ask for you to write so we know what is on your heart. It’s not to help us to be nosey but for us to link our Faith and prayers with you. I grew up in a church that is a firm believer of holding the ropes. With this new venture we can do so both financially and spiritually. Man, God rocks!

The fine details are still being ironed out. But this gives you a good idea of the big news! If you have any thoughts &/or questions, please ask away.


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