Sorry I haven’t posted lately! Things have been pretty hectic with the move. We do have the moving truck reserved, a job waiting for me in Tulsa, and we’re excited to have some of my family coming out to help us move next week. Also, I am picking up a few shifts here and there at Panera this week which will be helpful! Just crazy I tell you, crazy!

Stephen and I started fostering for Schnauzer Love Rescue. (http://www.schnauzerloverescue.org) The day before the apartment fire this past December, I travelled down to the Tennessee Alabama line and picked up a dog we named Tramp. He was stinky, matted, skinny, & did I mention stinky?!  I drove the 2+ hours with it freezing outside and the window down! haha We picked him up just to foster him, but really fell in love with him.

Stinky Tramp. (Ride home from the pound)
Stinky Tramp. (Ride home from the pound)

He lived with us in the hotel for about a month. Did GREAT! Then we moved back into the apartment. The boy didn’t enjoy being left alone. He barked a lot when we weren’t home. It made our neighbor below mad, so we decided to move out. In the process of moving out she threatened to shoot Stephen, me, our family with us, and the dog. So the next day she was evicted. (Man, Karma bit her in the butt!) So, Stephen and I then moved in with my in-laws. We brought Tramp to Tulsa to stay with our best friends in Tulsa. He has been there for the past six months.

Tramp sleeping at the Hotel.
Tramp sleeping at the Hotel.

A few weeks ago Natalie and Dustin informed us Tramp wasn’t doing very good… They brought him to the doctor & they informed us it wasn’t looking good. They gave him a few antibiotics. Unfortunately, they didn’t work. So we made the decision to put him to sleep today. It was a hard choice to make, but Tramp totally stopped eating, lost lots of weight, was constantly thirsty, & the list goes on… He is now running around happily with other doggies in puppy land.

Goodbye, Tramp. You’ll be missed…

Well, there’s a lot going on and I need to wake up early tomorrow for Panera! Wahoo… Not really.


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