Questions for Mrs. Jones

So, I figured it would be cool to answer some questions about me! I’ll have Stephen answer them too in a future post. 🙂 If you have any questions or topics you’d like to see us talk about, be sure to e-mail us. We love feedback!

Here we go!

1) What are your favorite smells? 

The smell of my blanket RIGHT after it comes out of the wash/dryer. Most of Secret Garden Candles ( Some of the best candles you’ll EVER buy)

2) Can you go a whole day without caffeine? 

NO! The thought of going without it for a day even gives me a headache!

3) Who knows more about you than anyone else? 

That there is a toss up between my mom and my hubby.

4) Are you health conscious?

No, not at the moment. I need to be. My goal is to lose 20 pounds before we move to T town. C25K is what I’m starting.

5) How do you like your eggs?

Ummm… This answer will defeat question #4… The ONLY way I eat eggs is: scrambled, with garlic, italian seasoning, and a handful of cheese. Sometimes chicken if it’s lying around.

6) Do you drink enough water?

No as much as I should. But I’m really getting better at it. Hubby and I have the Shake Cups that we keep full most of the day. (Well, Stephen really keeps mine full for me… He’s such a great help!)

7) How do you usually feel when you wake up in the morning?

“How many more times can I hit snooze?”

8) When was the last time you wore high heeled shoes?

The last time I wore high heels was when Stephen and I were in Tulsa for our best friends Natalie and Dustin’s wedding. We went to one of our favorite burger joints (

9) Do you wear socks to bed?

Only if it’s really, really cold. But when I wake up the next morning they’re always off. RANDOM FACT: I cannot stand when I only have one sock on. Even when someone else in the room only has one sock on. I just can’t do it!

10) Favorite Disney princess?

Rapunzel! When I see her I think of me.

11) Can you drive?

I say I can. Most people who have ridden with me say I cannot. (Yes, including Mr. Jones…)

12) Favorite and least favorite accent?

Mmmm…. Irish accent makes me melt! Chinese is the hardest to understand, so I’d say that’s my least favorite.

13) What are you looking forward to?

Our MOVE! 🙂

14) Do you like 1980s fashion?

Kinda pathetic… But I had to look up 1980’s fashion on google. lol The answer is NO. I do not approve. 1950’s please!

15) Where was your last vacation?

Mr. Jones & I took a quick weekend vacation to Gatlinburg a few months ago. We went to the aquarium there, walked around town, ate food. Had a grand time together. We never took a honeymoon. So that was our first time away together. Look forward to many of them in the future.

Well isn’t that fun! Random questions/thoughts. But it gives you a little insight in my life.


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