August Expectations:

So, this is our last month here in the Nashville area… It’s been a heck of a week for sure! Mr. Jones and I are wanting to move into the apartment we lived in before (in Tulsa). So we have been getting that all situated. Looks like Labor Day weekend is going to be the big move! My dad and step-mom are going to drive out and help us move. Which will be very nice!

In the meantime, I’ll be heading back to Panera bread to work my donkey off putting money away. Mr. Jones is still fixing his knee. Most days he actually goes with me to work, which is awesome. He studies the Bible, or plays minecraft and Pokemans. And we have my break together. 🙂

We recently sold our storefront to Kathy and Dave. It’s amazing how God sets things up! Kathy came in just to buy a hutch from me a few weeks ago. They called us that night asking if we would sell the shop. So we sat down with them for a few hours. They decided to buy.  And man, they already feel like family! When Stephen and I see Kathy and Dave,  we see ourselves 30 years down the road. God is funny like that!

Stephen & I with Kathy and Dave

They have taken the shop and started to make it their own. The new name is “The Artisans Marketplace”. Stephen and I worked on the window sign this week and it looks amazing! They are looking for artisans to fill the shop… So if you are in the Middle Tennessee area be sure to check them out (

Courtesy of Mr. Jones

 Today we are off to a couple events here in Nashville to get the word out about The Artisans Marketplace. PLUS! My favorite part… We are going to see Willie (Duck Dynasty) at Cornerstone Church in Madison! So there will be a post about him in the very near future!

I’m feeling good about this post, what do you think?? OH! One more thing, remember to check out our etsy shop. Today we are running a special in honor of the Duck-Men!! Check it out…


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