Goodbye 2015

Goodbye 2015.

Well, this past year was full of CHANGE. Have I mentioned in any past posts how much I loathe change. None the less UNPLANNED change. Well, I will tell you again. I hate change… Granted all of the change was for the better.

Pregnancy. Bed rest. Restricted work hours. Moving. Moving again 3 weeks later. A baby shower. Having a baby. Having a baby via emergency c-section. Having a baby 6 weeks earlier than expected. 10 day NICU stay. New baby. Stephen gets new job. I’m Supposed to go back to work. Have gallbladder surgery instead. Supposed to go back to work; doctor denies it. Out of work for a month longer than expected. Go back to “work” (worst decision ever.) Leave paying job. (Yay, for following your inside even though it seems scarier than swimming in shark infested waters.) Home with a beautiful smiling face (most days at least). A holiday season full of family coming in & out of town.

Watching my husband Stephen grow has been so rewarding.  Finding a career & passion to call his own. And not only see him become a father, but grow into a better husband has me completely blown away.

Bringing Alanna Home. 


2015 wasn’t an easy year. The stork didn’t just drop Alanna off at our Apartment door. There wasn’t a pdf instruction manual to have for reference. We didn’t have someone come pack our apartment for the moves. Having a c-section wasn’t a vacation. And I’m glad I will never have a gallbladder taken out ever again. Stephen & I are experiencing parenthood for the first time, even though sometimes we act like we know what we are doing a little too much. And the pause button on our dvd controller has seen more action than I have!

I’m not writing this to complain or make it sound like it was a bad year. Because that’s the furthest thing from the truth. This year has made me unfriend my close friend of normal. And I wouldn’t change a damn thing. I’ve come out a stronger lady, wife, and mom. 2015 was preparing to catepult me & my little family into 2016…

My goal for this blog this year is to be the real deal. I’m not perfect… Growing & learning daily. I hope not to offend anyone & desire to step on your toes. “What??” you say…  Let this blog encourage you to grow & be a more confident you.





It’s a…

I’m at 26 weeks now in our pregnancy! Our baby is growing & will be here before we know it…

She… Yes, Alanna Grace Jones should be making her grand arrival around the last week of July. We have moved into a two bedroom apartment so we have room for her outside of my belly.

This past weekend was pretty crazy. But thankfully we have amazing friends who helped us move. They did a great job at making sure I didn’t do anything other then tell them where the boxes needed to go. Stephen & I haven’t boughten really anything yet for baby girl. We wanted to wait until we were settled in our new place so we didn’t have to move it all. Our baby shower is at the end of May, so we will wait to get shopping crazy until after then.

Well, there is a brief update on what’s been going on. I will have a couple posts coming up soon about my most recent swap & pictures of the new apartment.

So, about 2015….

I suck at this “avidly writing in my blog daily” thing. As I sit here listening to my music on my ear buds I’m trying to figure out where to start off from where I left off. Yes, that makes sense, even if you have to read the sentence twice…

2014 ended with a HUGE BANG! Like most epic great year of my life. On the evening of November 20, 2014 I did something that would change the Jones family forever. I peed on a stick. There no longer is just Stephen & I. There is a baby coming Summer of 2015. New chapters are being written.

Sticks of Reality.
Sticks of Reality.

A couple weeks prior to finding out about baby Jones I had been sick with what I thought was a sinus & ear infection. So I went to the doctors where they put me on a prescription. I took that for a few days, didn’t help me a bit! Plus I started breaking out all over in hives. So I went back & they put me on a z-pack and a metro pack. (The metro pack is a steroid.) I haven’t been that sick with head crap like that in what seems like forever. My heart aches for children who deal with ear infections often. Because that is the most pain in a long time!! Times before when I get really sick it can throw off my monthly visitor. So, putting the idea of baby on a shelf because I was taking those meds & sick. But I’m usually always very regular. Sorry for the TMI… For about the first week of the steroids my hunger grew more, morE, moRE, mORE, & MORE. I reassured Stephen “it’s the steroids, I’ve been through this before.” Chick-fil-a is a whole new kind of delicious now! Never before could I demolish a Chicken Club sandwich, fries, & a coke, by myself, without a butt. But can I now!

It was a Thursday night… Stephen & I were getting all settled in bed. He kissed me goodnight & got comfy. I waited a few minutes before saying anything, I was just thinking in my head how my body and stomach had felt so different. I was probably just making up these “pregnancy” thoughts. But I tossed the line out there to Stephen… “Would you still love me if I was pregnant.” He quickly replied with the great husband response “Of course, I’d still love you…” then there was a silence. Which followed “…but you’re not pregnant” & off to sleep he went. I waited a little bit & got out of bed, went to the bathroom where I did the deed of peeing on a stick. Which I’ve done quite a few times before. But never has it lit up like a Christmas tree like it did that night. TWICE.

I walked into the bedroom and poked Stephen. Who was already asleep & snoring a little. I poked a little harder & he then flew out of bed. I told him “I need you to take it down like 10 notches & walk into the bathroom.” In a haze he proceeded out of the bedroom & it clicked. He got into the bathroom & didn’t say a word. Finally I said “I need you to say something, whether good or bad. Just something.” He continued to look at the future laying on our bathroom counter & then he picked it up. He spoke it & said “the line isn’t going away”.

We laid on the couch together for a little bit in silence. Until Stephen decided that he needed to sleep on the news. I, myself couldn’t sleep worth anything that night! Downloaded baby apps on my phone. Added new walls to my pinterest. So much to do! The following day I went to the urgent care to confirm the news. Stephen all day pinterested away & texted me all day. He was officially excited.

Having a baby is a huge change for us. In April we will be celebrating 4 years of marriage together. The life that we thought was a roller coaster before is just about to take off. I don’t think we could be more excited @ scared at the same time as we are right now. But everything will fall into place.

What has been going on…

So much has happened since my last post… My mom has had another surgery. Holmes has got his manhood taken away. Stephen quit Hobby Lobby & started working at a Bavarian Bakery. Ellie has grown so very much & is starting to even crawl! Stephen & I attempted to do a weight loss challenge & failed epicly. Oh! We brought Holmes to get groomed & he came home with fleas. We’ve had such a hard time getting rid of the dumb things! My etsy shop has started to really take off… Not by the jewelry that I make, nope! But a t-shirt that I’ve been making has really taken off. A Jones of all Trades had a huge showcase at a high-class club downtown. I just celebrated my one year anniversary at my job. And Stephen turned a year older! *Takes deep breaths* And my favorite thing of all, we started going to church again! Sunday is officially my favorite day of the week again.

Holmes loves to sit on my craft table while I craft...
Holmes loves to sit on my craft table while I craft…

Now, I’m not a “religious” crazy Christian. I’m a real person, with a real relationship. And it freakin’ rocks. is the place to be!

So, my etsy shop (<– click the link) is taking off! And I’m loving it! Making lots of trips to the post office. A problem I don’t mind having. The preggers shirt is so popular.

"Preggers" t-shirt
“Preggers” t-shirt

A week from tomorrow we leave for our trip to Nashville! I cannot wait! We are going to see Stephen’s family that we haven’t seen for almost a year! Lots of memories to be made.

You know… I really could loose the weight I want to loose by my 23rd birthday in December… Hmmm…

What’s new??

Well, I wanted to post at the end of last week but didn’t have the energy to!

This past Thursday I had my wisdom teeth removed! All 4 of them were impacted. My doctor was so nice & did a great job! I’ve been pretty drugged up the past few days.


Stephen has taken pretty great care of me. This was the first time since we’ve been together that I’ve been “sick” like this. Stephen & I are two totally different people when it comes to being sick. I like to be cuddled & have quality time while healing. While Stephen likes to be left alone & by himself. So we worked on finding common ground. It’s important to me to have someone watching tv with me & relaxing with me. That’s the way I grew up, I guess.

My mom brought me some homemade soup Friday night. And boy! Is it delicious! Friday Sydni came over and spent the day with me. She brought 4 different types of ice cream to share with me. 🙂 My menus have consisted if a lot of pudding, jello, and ice cream. I feel like I’m constantly hungry! I cannot wait for some papa johns pizza!


Well, there’s a little update for you guys!

PS I have worked on some new jewelry lately…. Be sure to check out our etsy shop!

My biggest false pretense.

False pretense: false representation of fact or circumstance, calculated to mislead.

As an elementary child I attended a private Christian school in New England. I had some amazing teachers who will always have a print on my heart. Preschool through 5th grade I had the same classmates pretty much. Most of my time there I was picked on & teased. Looking back on it all I probably would’ve picked on me too, lol. I was the person saying the word ‘crap’ was a bad word. But on the other hand I was the one always hanging out with the outsiders & sticking up for the others being teased.

3rd Grade- Mrs. Anderson was one of my favorite teachers.

Television gives you this idea that the people you go to elementary school with will be your friends for your entire life. You and your “group” will be with each other for the good, bad, & the ugly. But that’s just not true.

During my summer between 5th & 6th grade my parents & I (and Betsy too) made our big move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Where I now call home. It was the start of something totally new. And you know what? Still to this day I only keep in touch with one person from that little private school! He even came down for my wedding, drove all the way from Connecticut.

Sam is to the left (Childhood friend) to the right is Stephens old friend Zach.

My family & I started attending a church here in Tulsa where I met new people. I didn’t quite “fit” in at the beginning there either…. Eventually I did. But what I learned/noticed is the older I got the less it mattered to me. And the less “being in the in crowd” mattered to me the easier it was for me to “fit” in.

Don’t get me wrong. I have some kick butt memories with people. Like when I’d have an awful day I knew I could call Emily & we would just drive on the interstate with the windows down and music blaring! Or Amber & I could just hang out for hours doing random things like each others make up or go to the park. Shawn Fisher was my rock here on earth for many years. I could tell him anything. He knew just the right times when to just listen or when he needed to speak up. It was pretty perfect. There are other people too. But all of that comes to an end at one point. And you just have to be okay with that. The memories are there and forever will be. One day everyone floats away like a chunk of ice breaking away in Antarctica… Haha…

I am now 22 years old. With an amazing husband who I call my best friend. And I talk with my high school friends every once in a while. Buts it’s not everyday like it used to be. We all grow up and start our own things. When Stephen & I start to have kids I will tell them that it’s okay to enjoy what you have when you have it. It the friendships last their entire life then that’s wonderful! But whatever they do, don’t take a signal second for granted.

Stephen & I- together forever.

You see the reason I’m on this topic is because I grew up watching Boy Meets World. I figured I would meet my Cory, have a best friend like Sean. And live happily ever after! But not everyone is dealt those cards. But you make the best out of it!

Why I do it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful freedom weekend celebrating the 4th of July. Stephen & I watched “Rockets over Rhema” with our friends Natalie & Dustin. We watched them with our Starbucks coffee in hand (iced Carmel macchiato, breve, with extra vanilla, please!) This took place on Monday. Then on Wednesday (truck day at the hobby lobby) I went Grace and watched fireworks with my dad & family. It was the first time watching them with Ellie! She was a champ. I’m grateful to be apart of their lives.


So at the beginning of the week I sent out my first Etsy order since I’ve re-opened my shop! I was so excited! Someone ordered The Giving Plate (click to the left to get yours). I giggled because the customer is from Knoxville! It made Stephen and I smile. The customer requested for us to try hard to get the plate to her by the holiday. So we did just that. She emailed me yesterday stating that she got it I’m perfect timing. She wanted to give it to her new daughter-in-law who she doesn’t know very well yet. This customer said how it would be a great piece for her daughter-in-law to start a new tradition as a new wife! This kind of story is why I love what I do! And those days when I feel like I’m never going to get anywhere with A Jones of all Trades. These emails show me there is a future. I look forward to more and more coming in…


I feel like this Etsy sale is a step into a new destiny!